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Group Therapy

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy, which is usually structured with one counselor/ therapist working with several clients meeting weekly for 60 minutes. The clients share a similar goal, for example anger management. Group therapy may be utilized alone as treatment or may be incorporated with individual therapy. There are several benefits to group therapy:

  • Group therapy helps you realize you’re not alone.

  • Group therapy facilitates giving and receiving support.

  • Group therapy helps you find your “voice.”

  • Group therapy helps you relate to others (and yourself) in healthier ways.

  • Group therapy provides a safety net. 

  • Cost effective

Group Meeting

Anger Management Group for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Clients is accepting new clients. The anger management group utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy, evidence based treatment, a structured group of 12 weeks. Please call to inquire about group participation. 

Women's Problem Gambling Group for women only whose goal is to address problem gambling. Group utilizes peer support, CBT, and harm deduction. Please call to inquire about group participation.

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